It’s democracy they want, stupid!

Loath as I am to indulge in schadenfreude (‘Liar, liar, pants on fire’ – Ed), I’ve been banging on about this for years…well, at least the last two: so, to paraphrase Private Frazer, the dour Scottish mortician in Dad’s Army, the Euro is doooomed and soon to be as dead of Monty Python’s Norwegian Blue parrot, though not necessarily for the obvious reasons.

The runes looked darkly foreboding well before yesterday’s denouement of Sarkozy in Round Une of the French presidential sweepstake, the collapse of the Dutch Centre-right government and the Czechs passing round the begging bowl.

Now it isn’t just the bone-idle dagos of Club Med+Ireland who won’t bite the German-imposed austerity bullet, after being assured they could spend, spend, spend, because the Euro would keep them in clover for ever. So, I predict it won’t be long before the Brussels bean-counters, hustled in to give the errant Greeks and Italians a sound fiscal shellacking, get tarred, feathered and run out of town.

And still the politicos (especially those of the Teutonic persuasion) and the faceless, nameless, shameless Eurocrats don’t get it. They still think it’s all just about money and markets, which no-one is denying it once was, after that madcap spending frenzy even the classroom dunce knew couldn’t last forever.

FLAGGING: Democracy in the Eurozone

But what the ringmasters of the EU fail to see now is that the people don’t want a European superstate. For better or worse, they want to control their own destinies in their own lands and, most importantly, to wrest back democracy

Because there isn’t any in Euroland, apart from an anonymous gravy-train of MEPs, whose views are steamrollered into dust by a bunch of appointees – i.e. Baroness Cathy Ashton, Europe’s so-called, all-but-anonymous Foreign Minister – many of whom have never even stood for election to a parish council.

As Lenin so succinctly pointed out, ‘It is true that liberty is precious – so precious is must be rationed.’

Well, for liberty read democracy. And for democracy read the will of a people, who no longer want lessons in how to starve from pompous plutocrats and their adjuncts, irrepressibly twisting the screws of austerity harder and longer.

We’ve seen the downtrodden masses rise up against their tyrants in the Arab Spring, though, sadly, there’s every chance they’ll end up swapping one dictatorship for another.

Now we’re witnessing the Euroland Summer, where the people have a real chance of seizing back their right to decide their nations’ fates – and not be condemned to being drones in a far-flung province of a superstate, whose overlords pays lip service to their citizens’ wishes.

PS: If this sounds like a party political broadside from UKIP, my apologies. I have no political affiliations, but Nigel Farage and his headbangers are actually beginning to make real sense.


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