Your invitation to join in the Blog

I was prevailed upon by irresistible external forces to launch this Blog and my sentiments are to manfully update it with as much  diverse copy – facts, opinions, thoughts – of interest to as many readers as I can when I can.

But this needn’t be just My Blog, because it can be yours, too. And, unlike me, you don’t have to be based in Mallorca, but anywhere around the globe. Besides, as you’ll see from the stuff already posted, this Blog isn’t Mallorca-centric, but has an international remit and no limit to the range of subject covered.

You’re naturally free to comment (see comment box below each screed), but there’s more…if you have something to say you feel strongly about, be my guest, climb aboard this Blog’s soapbox and have a rant, too.

Make it legal, libel-free and advert-less, minus racist or X-rated content – because the Moderator is a tough guy to get round – and send your words to me, preferably via Face Book, Linkedin of The Blog itself, and they will be considered for publication. Add your name (or a nom de plume if you prefer) and location (i.e. Spain, UK, USA, etc) not a personal address. But do include legimate email contact details, so that we can verify who you are (it won’t show on the Blog and we guarantee to keep it confidential).

There might be no such thing as a free lunch, but this is a free Blog. So join me on it.


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