The euro (cont’d): An experts’ eye view on its future

In my ceaseless efforts to tap into the raging pulse of Europe and its flagging currency, I held what the media condescendingly refer to as a ‘vox pop’, that is a test of commonplace attitudes on a topic of compelling importance.

I chose the weekly conclave of Portals Press Club, held each Tuesday morning – weather permitting, guest welcome by invitation only – at Chameli’s Diner, Portals Nous, a resort-cum-expat enclave about 10 minutes drive from downtown Palma.

Besides yours truly, those luminaries present were: Frank Leavers (columnist of the Majorca Daily Bulletin), Peter Franklin (Editor, The Islander Magazine), David Hammond (retired ex-retiree) and Laura Penn (Spectrum Radio DJ).

All are long-time Mallorca hands and so, one would think, capable of bringing sage opinions to bear on the techy topic of whether the flaky euro and the Eurozone zone will survive its latest tempest. So here are there considered views…

EXPERT OPINION: (left to right): Leavers, Ash, Hammond and Franklin

Leavers: ‘Of course it will survive – or, on the other hand, it won’t.’

Franklin: ‘If they can ditch Greece and the other 16 Eurozone nations, it will pull through.’

Hammond: ‘What’s a euro? I only deal in £s, shillings and pence.’

Penn (AWOL from photo): ‘Has it got something to do with the Eurovision Song Contest? If so, I back the Irish every time.’

So forget what the FT and Wall Street Journal say; there you have it: a deeply philosophical insight that cuts through the quagmire of confusion surrounding the euro’s fate from those who live and work in Euroland, and know intimately the troubles the currency faces.

Politicians and economists everywhere, take note.


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