Why I don’t want Facebook’s unsolicited email address ‘gift’…

It’s not Christmas or my birthday, but I’ve just discovered I’ve been sent a prezzie. It’s certainly not one on my list of a thousand things I’d chose before I die – in fact, it’s not one I want at all, in common with countless others, who received the self-same, unsolicited prezzie.

The ‘gift’ in question came from Facebook and it’s an email address. Or, to be more precise, a facebook.com email address. And, so far as I’m concerned, it is neither use nor ornament.

What’s more, I take great exception to Facebook brazenness and lack of prior consultation before inflicting an extra Internet contact detail on me, which quite possibly may confuse people I’m regularly in touch with via my usual on-line, postal portal.

Happily, Facebook’s assumption of the role of Big Brother hasn’t gone unnoticed and, like yours truly, some of the US-based social network’s users have reacted angrily, as the Press Association reported yesterday.

UNSOLICITED PREZZIE? A facebook.com email address

Facebook’s arbitrary act of replacing/downgrading the email addresses users chose when they first signed up is defended by their spokesperson, Jillian Stefanki, who said the site was rolling out a setting which allows people to decide which email address to show on their personal pages.

Well, Jilly, I know which one I want – and it isn’t yours, which is why I’ve blocked it (I’ve tried expunging it altogether, but failed).

I’ve no truck with Facebook’s worthy aim of providing users with a platform to swap gossip, ideas, photos and news with friends, family and business contacts, but there are attendant dangers with any social media site, which you don’t need me to spell out.

So don’t say you haven’t been warned.

And if you don’t want a new, imposed and unsolicited facebook.com email address, you know what to do about it.



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